M. Gercman, "NEWS", 2003


It was a great experience to follow Damir Basyrov's performance (Scarpia).

I haven't seen for a long time such a cultivated style both in singing and acting. He presents the mighty a loving chief of roman police without any sing of opera "manners". With his noble mimic and artistic style he overshadowed even his partner Ann Ostrovska, who sang Tosca with emotion but in the meanwhile omitted acting. Basyrov's engagement in Prague opera theatre is the greatest contribution in rehabilitation of this genre for public. We witnessed how the singer didn't fight with his part, but was so convincing by the help of his arts.

Jakub Brunner, "PRAVO"

The name part (Rodrigo-Don Carlos) performed by Mr. Damir Basyrov

dominated the whole performance both with its performing arts. Mr. Damir Baszrov has a technically perfectly mastered rare voice. Moreover this excellent singer has a sense of accomplishments and he can impress the audience but never with outer effects.

Ladislav Muška, "IDNES"

The performance was saved by brilliant Damir Basyrov, who sang the part of Germont.

It was one of the best Germonts I've ever heard. The first scene of meeting Germont and Violette was fantastic. This was not jast a duet but a spiritual duel...He passed perfectly all the stages of this duel with his wish to make her give up her sweetheart. He changes from a tough, cold-minded, authoritative aristocratic Germont, who was fighting for the interests of his family, into a noble and understanding man. Such a rich spectrum of artistic resources! Damir was so convincing, that even the Italian language was not a problem, everyone understands the language of love, despair, loneness...Damir Basyrov proved once more, that theatre is an international art. He reaffirmed it in "Carmen", where he perfectly performed Escamillo in French.

                                                                                                                                                                                                       M.Gercman  "Izvestia"